Private Tutoring

flourishingWRITING TUTOR for all English courses as well as History and Government (Including AP)

  In order to write well, one must master the rules of writing.  These rules include grammar, syntax, and usage. I make learning these rules interesting.   I also promote reading great writers and learning new vocabulary.  After all, our English language has the largest vocabulary of any language in the world!  

 When I work with a student, I want to know everything I can about how he or she learns.  I believe that each one of us has his or her our own way of taking in information.  And sometimes these ways are quite unique.  When teachers label students “learning disabled,” I quickly translate those terms. Instead of adhering to labels, I see my students as having their own learning styles.  I am an experienced writer and a compassionate teacher who provides patient and supportive instruction in all aspects of composition.


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